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1 leu

George Enescu and carnation. Following a number of successful monetary policies in the late s and early s, the situation became gradually more stable, with one-digit inflation in

1 leu какие монеты ссср дорого стоят

These were first introduced into circulation in lsu the fourth revaluation and are all currently valid. Retailers had to display prices leu both old and new currency from March 1, until June 30, Стоимость leeu нового румынского лея в белорусских рублях за месяц 30 дней уменьшилась на: On 1 Julythe leu was revalued at the rate of 10, "old" lei ROL for one "new" leu RONthus psychologically bringing the purchasing power of the leu back in line with those of other major Western currencies. The leu "bani" is also used for "money" in the Romanian language. Between andthe official exchange rate was fixed by the government through law.

banknote issue: ; coin issue: ; banknote issue: ; coin issues: (actually minted in , re-issue of the design), , (re-issues: , , ). Fourth leu - RON (since ). banknote issue: (redesigned issue of the former lei banknote, whereas third lei = 1 fourth leu). Перейти к разделу История - Банк Молдовы, созданный в году, 1 сентября года выпустил билеты Банка Молдовы с обозначением номинала на двух языках: на румынском (в леях) и на французском (в пиастрах). Законом от 22 апреля года введён лей, равный баням. Была принята  ‎Лей РНР И СРР · ‎Лей — · ‎Новый лей (c ). The Romanian leu is the currency of Romania. It is subdivided into bani The word "bani" is also used for "money" in the Romanian language. Contents. [hide]. 1 Etymology; 2 History. First leu: –; Second leu: –; Third leu (ROL): –; Fourth leu (RON): –present;

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